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The Equity Solutions Group was formed in 2002 by Managing Partner Michael Dwan and is based in Stockport. Michael and his team have built a sector leading investment and development organisation that specialises in partnerships with the public sector.

Space Developments will work closely with its sister organisation and benefits from its established estate management support teams.

At Equity Solutions’ core has always been a desire to create a responsible organisation, investing in infrastructure projects and partnerships that make a difference – in health, social care, education, leisure, libraries, accommodation and affordable housing and for the emergency services. 


<turnover and profitability>


The current Group consolidated annual operating profit is in excess of £57m.  


The Group’s investment companies secure debt against cash flow on a project by project basis in each company.

Balance Sheet

<balance sheet>


The Equity Solutions Group consolidated balance sheet shows investments with a net asset value of approximately £245m.


Space has, to hand, the full resources, support and expertise that Equity Solutions provides, it also benefits from the Groups financial wrap enabling us to act as Principal on key developments.

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