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Ken Jones, Construction Director

Meet one of the key members of the Space team.

I’m a Chartered Building Engineer and I’ve spent 30 years in the UK construction industry, mainly in the South West, starting in Civil Engineering building complex bridges and highways before moving onto buildings and was the Regional Design & Build Manager for one of the largest UK construction companies before I became part of the team in 2005 for our sister company Equity Solutions.

I’ve worked on many high-profile health, retail and residential projects, including hospitals, high rise luxury apartments, student accommodation, mixed use and supermarket developments. This includes project managing several significant PPP/PFI schemes covering both health and education.

As part of the Equity Solutions team, I have been involved in project managing 10 LIFT projects and as well as working on property acquisition, appraisal and disposal.

I’ve managed the delivery of six state of the art new build health developments and over 150 Capital projects on the NHS owned estate in Cornwall as the local procurement cleared NHS expert estate partner since 2004. This covers everything from the design and build of new Community hospitals to improvement projects on NHS owned assets along with estates reviews and strategic planning.

The innovative and award-winning buildings that we have designed, funded and delivered have transformed the provision of healthcare in Cornwall. Each of these buildings was designed to be flexible to accommodate future service changes, meet the needs of building users and maximise efficiencies.

As well as new build projects, we have supported a diverse range of capital works projects from electrical or heating upgrades to extensive refurbishments and remodelling of existing premises. We recently carried out Fire Risk Assessments and managed the remedial works on the Cornwall Community Hospitals estate on behalf of NHS Property Services.

Our teams cover everything from feasibility through construction and post occupation FM, so this gives me an unparalleled insight into the entire process, and access to a wide range of specialists.

I’ve spent a lot of time working with stakeholders and then welcoming users to completed projects and staying with them afterwards and the continuous relationship from start to finish makes a huge difference to project success.

On our healthcare side of the business our partnership with the local NHS teams has been going strong since 2007 and they keep coming back to us for help with new projects. I think that speaks volumes about our ability to maintain trust with our partners.

If you are looking for a partner to support a commercial regeneration, create social infrastructure or deliver a complex development project, I would be happy to meet you and discuss your requirements in more detail.

0161 831 9722 or email us at

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