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The way we live is evolving. 

The shortage of affordable housing, the growing need of an ageing population and the expectation of connectivity and accessibility of services and technology, means that a diverse range of needs must be accommodated to ‘create place’, and to create successfully integrated multi generational and desirable places to live, work and play.

Sustainable collective living must be the goal in order to create vibrant and healthy communities.

Collective living can be about creating spaces to attract all spectrums of life; student accommodation, private rental, key worker accommodation, affordable homes, family homes and supported living, as well as through to intermediate care.

Alternatively, it can be about focused developments catering for the needs of one of these stakeholders and ensuring the right social infrastructure is in place to make this a place they want to live.

  • Residential 

  • Student accommodation 

  • Collective living

Importantly, its about longevity and sustainability and creating something desirable to the many for the long term.

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health and wellbeing

< health and wellbeing >


The approval and decision making process of organisations within the health sector is slow and convoluted and the structure of the NHS is complex.  


Understanding the part that all the different parties play and the ability to ‘talk their language’ and truly understand and be sympathetic to their needs, is essential in the successful delivery of new healthcare facilities.


Our team have gained invaluable knowledge and experience of working with the various stakeholders in the primary, acute and mental healthcare sectors, over many years and through many projects of different size and complexity.


Well managed stakeholder engagement is critical in order to deliver in a timely fashion and to achieve the necessary sign-offs and approvals. 


The team can provide both macro and micro healthcare planning services to help determine requirements and turn desired ‘episodes of care’ and ‘health outcomes’ into specialised real estate and equipment requirements; that in turn provide the brief for a new facility.


Seamlessly, we can move from healthcare planning into building design and engagement with the specific end users of any new facility to secure their buy-in and, to engender ownership of a building project.


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< education >


Over recent years, our team have been involved in the delivery of over 30 schools across the country including complex urban sites. This is both as a part of a contractor led team to design and build schools and also as a Technical Design Advisor for the Department of Education monitoring projects being delivered by other contractor-led teams. 


As a result, the team have good contacts and relationships with the Department for Education and the Education and Skills Funding Agency and are kept up-to-date on current plans and policies. We fully understand the project specific detailed issues of delivering a new school on a daily basis.


A key policy of the Department for Education is to fully embrace and exploit the opportunities of off-site construction in delivering schools to demanding time, cost and quality criteria.  Our design team have done this and are used to delivering schools on tight urban sites, with restricted access and parking and with noise and air quality issues. 


The importance of good stakeholder and end user engagement cannot be overstated in the successful delivery of new school facilities. To this end, the team have developed a robust process and innovative techniques to actively engage with stakeholders to secure their buy-in and sign-off.

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< community >


Our involvement in the government’s LIFT initiative (a highly successful public private partnership) has meant involvement in many schemes where there have been additional community uses combined with the core primary healthcare services that these schemes provide.


These have included swimming pools, libraries, commercial cafés, pharmacies and other retail units as well as offices for the police, social services and other public sector users. 


Our experience of creating ‘community’ assets is wide ranging. All community projects come with challenges; budget constraints, multiple stakeholders, different user priorities and funding streams. Efficiency savings often drive mixed use, as multi-purpose facilities, so our team are used to maximising value and creating flexible spaces for wide ranging uses.

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We are always looking for new development opportunities, so whether you’re interested in exploring a joint venture or partnership project or have property or land for sale, which has the right development potential, we would love to hear from you. 


If your property or land proposal is the right fit, you can be assured of a straight forward transaction. If you are looking for a partner to support a commercial regeneration, create social infrastructure or deliver a complex development project we would be happy to meet and discuss your requirements in more detail.  

For further information, or just an informal chat, please call us on

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